Download Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG MOD APK 1.2.7 2018

Battle of the post-war world, you must choose your side in the war and defeat your enemies! Life Afterlife: The Mighty Mantis Kegg Haak brings the powers of light, darkness and nature into play, and gives you the opportunity to fight others in card-based fighting to embrace the sweet taste of victory.

You will need to master the magic, find spelling cards, gift stones, and rare
The archaeological stones left by spirits from antiquity. Using them you can
Developing Combat Skills: Become a strong Maggie with spells
Destroying thousands of enemies, or a strong warrior with unbreakable
Armor, or to find your own style.

The Afterlife: The XG Rage is a shirking strategy which means that you must use magic, ancient artifacts and armies strategically to destroy other players and gain their powers. Find your enemy’s weaknesses and attack them in real-time combat. Become legendary warriors against the forces of evil!

List of wage earners:

1. Unlimited Item (Item Price -999999)

2. Unlimited dust (increase instead of drop)

Further information:
Google Play

Requires Android 4.2 and above


Life of the Futures: The Rage of the Persians XG 1.2.7 The Ministry of Defense APEC
(Infinite core, increase dust)

System requirements:

– Power saving mode is disabled. With this situation on the game slowed down prominently.

– Delayed game in some devices with Android 5.0. To remedy this lag you will need to upgrade to Android 6.0 or later

– Tegra Build and Intel based hardware are not supported

– RAM: 1 GB and more