Download Big Sport Fishing 3D 1.80 APK 2018

For lovers of fishing, here is one of the greatest games ever created in a pack of 7MB. Big Sport Fishing (full version) features beautiful 3D graphics, fun physics toys, panoramic views as you move the phone, and much more.

Fish are made in stunning 3D which gives them a high level of realism. You can see it swimming if close, and you will jump out of the water when far away. When you see a big one just flick your wrist to throw it.
Undo on your phone to connect the fish and fight it as you reel in your
he caught me.

This full version of Big Sport Fishing 3D has 10 fishing sites. Throw your reeds, catch some fish, take some photos and share them with friends. Players can also earn virtual credits for a special bonus
Elements. Enjoy!

What’s New in version 1.80

The latest version contains bonus items like
Gum, sea dog repellent and additional fishing rods. Earn these items for
Earn a special feature in the game and catch more fish!

More information at
Google Play

Requires Android 2.0.1 and newer and above


Great 3D fishing sport v1.80 APEC