Download Block Story Premium 11.1.0 APK 2018

Build and survive in a plump world similar to that of
Minkraft (0.15.8)
. Block Story Premium is a rugged-based quest with unlimited drafting options for the Bium, weapons, mobs, etc. If you’ve played Maine Craft, you should definitely try this one!

You start by creating your character then you go through the tasks to the top level. You can punch blocks and gather resources to craft tools and weapons just like in the Kraft Craft, but the gameplay here is more focused on exploring and progressing through story rather than construction. Worlds and enemies are endless so do not get bored. What’s special about this premium edition is that you can download the two worlds saved in reverse in the free version.

Block Story Premium APEC features

– Discover many new exciting tasks

– Learn from the Wizard of Wisdom on how to discover the many wonders of Block Story

– Ride on Dragon and 29 other creatures

– Build anything you want in creative premium mode

– Infinite hours of RPG exploring game play

– Explore many biomes of the desert lands of the Arctic mountain ranges but look for the Ice Dragon

– Meet many supportive characters that will help you with your tasks.

– Top-level hero with stats and custom properties

– Use a drafting system to form a large set of magical elements – from
Lighting swords, mystical sticks and rare artifacts that call the dragon
And other creatures that will help you in battle

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What’s New in Version 11.1.0