Download Google Play Store Modded 6.9.15.G Apk (Patched) + Installer 2018

The latest update here is extended to Google Play Store version 6.9.15.G-all, featuring new designs, more improvements to the app, and other new additions. You can bypass the application license verification

This is the one stop for everything Android. You can buy or download new free games and apps, share things with friends, enjoy music and read your favorite books, all in the cloud for easy access from anywhere. What’s more .. You can even watch HD movies for free right from within the app.

By installing the Google Play Ministry of Defense APK you can:

  1. Disable Applications Google Loop (Library License Verification) and Unprotect Applications
  2. Unchecked License Status Offline
  3. Lucky Patcher No Patch Needed
  4. You can not download paid applications for free!
  5. Disable automatic update
  6. Does not work with billing and license verification agent
  7. Reply & Rewrite! (When you press the ‘Reply’ button, it recovers and does not uninstall the application. No need to make a backup before retrieving)

How to install and use Google Play Store patched:

  1. Install the latest LockBatcher and run it> Menu> Select “Debug to Android”
  2. Select & Signature Always check & # 39; And disable the zip verification check <Application> Yes
  3. After restart go to ‘Debugging to Android’ and check (correct applied) .If application is out of LP, otherwise step 2
  4. Backup your current Google Play with Titanium Backup if you want to restore the original in case.
  5. Rename Download Transfer to SD card. • Gingerbread users> Rename to Vend.apk • X / Jelly Bean users> Rename to PhoneSky.apk
  6. Open Root Explorer and copy / replace APK rename to / system / application / & # 39; Folder
  7. Set the permissions for rw-r-r– and restart. Now all applications on the device with a licensed FLL.

Installer Instructions:

Install, run, and restart

Google Play Store v6.9.15.G-Al Batshed (Orginal Ekon)

• Google Play Entertainment:
v1.1.2 immediately after Google PlayStore v6.9.15.G-Al

Report back to let us know how it goes! You are
Ned Rot
By the way!