Download Invizimals: Battle Hunters MOD APK 1.1 2018

The first unlimited gems hack for the “Invisimals Battle Hunters” last update was officially released on January 25, 2016 by PlayStation Mobile. Play the latest entry based on Epivimals ™ Epic and TV!

Note: This is a free version of the game, you need to push to unlock the Invizimals hunters battle
Full Version
Abc and get the full content with over 170 creatures.

Back to the game, players take the role of hunters in the search for mythical creatures based on energy called Envizimals. There is a huge world to explore, and many advanced tools to help you with your endeavors such as energy radars. Once you pick them up, then you train and grow them through battles to get a chance to become better in your field.

Some of the features in Invisimals Battle Hunters (DOG APEC) are:

– Unlimited (Money Coming Soon) Gems Cheating.

– Search and defeat evil robotactors robots.

– Level up, and evolve your Envisemals ™.

– Earn and use battle cards for their deadly power.

– More than 40 unique locations around the world.

– Gathering different creatures from the forest, the oceans, or the desert, they are not the same.

– Defend the village of Envizimals ™ by setting up advanced towers, and raid other players.

– Compete online for bragging rights as the skilled Envizimal Hunter ™ is there.

What ‘s New in version 1.1

Fixed vertical mode and button press bugs.

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Here is 21min video play to enjoy:


Invesimals Battle of the fishermen v1.1 mod your father
(Infinite gemstone) +

Extracts data folder goes to /roid / ob /, install mod and play.