Download jetAudio HD Music Player Plus APK 9.2.1 (Unlocked) 2018

Last updated for GetAudio Plus Version 9.2.1 is here! This is the actual music player application for Android users. It can play almost any media file type and boasts powerful equalizer (32 presets) with various sound effects unlocked for the best listening music experience.

Getudio HD Music Player Plus APEC Features:

– Sound Effects Unlocked (Coming Soon)

– Free ad (= no ads)

– Full-featured draw draw using 20 bands

– Label editor for MP3, Flack, Ogg, M4A

– Asynchronous lyrics for lyric users

– 2 beautiful lock screens

– 14 application widgets of various shapes and sizes

– Playground Shifter

– Control the playback of your music to the second

– Music browser themes (Plus only)

– Network mode for artist / song / folder / browser type

– Adjust the PHV / RIO interval

– MIDI playback (using JetAudio and AVitable MIDI drive synthesizer).

These are just a few dozen more in standard ad-supported
Version such as X-wide, frequency, X-Bass sound effects, sleep timer,
Bluetooth button control button, multi-select function, to name a few.

The free basic version allows you to play your own music but it is too
Limited and has ads. To enjoy the full unlimited features of GetAudio
You must purchase the plus version.

Sound Effects Blugins:
(Plus APEC only)


AM3D Audio Enhancer

– Punjabi Debs

What’s new in version 9.2.1
(6 February 2018)

– Hide Short Music Option
– User Interface Enhancements and Bug Fixes
v9.1.1 (Google Play)
– Use the image in the same folder as the albumart
19659009] – Play music from local home network
– Play music via Wi-Fi from shared folders on the local SMB / SBS network
(19659009) –
– Downloading the playlist to /
– [1965909] Download –

GetJoDo Progres Bar

– New Playlists (Most Played, Recently Played, Favorite) 9.2.1 APEC –

This is a patched and unlocked version fully working with all sound effects. No problems, just a comment.


Old version:

Getadio Music Player Plus 8.2.3

Getadio Music Player Plus 6.6.2

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