Download Monster Truck Destruction™ MOD APK 2018

Ride your big truck and start the massacre in this unlimited money hack Monster Truck Destroy ™, the most realistic Monstartok game with over 50 licensed heavy vehicles

Just choose your monster, customize it, and take to the arena to compete better there! There are many ways to play to play through and show off your skills, plus tons of levels to conquer based on
Indoor and outdoor dirt courts.

Monster Truck Destroyer ™ features more than 50 licensed monster trucks that span multiple generations of Bigfoot, USA 1, Paul Schafer Race, Thunda Outback, Rislon, Western Rebel, Monster Chaos, Bad Habit, Black Widow, California Kid , Crazy Train, Waked, Tornado, Confect, Todd Weston Motorsports, Aftershock, Tantrum and Virginia Best.

Gaming modes include free patterns, clouds or practice events in one or three of three tournaments. You can also improve and upgrade the performance of your trucks such as engines, sockets, transmissions, shocks, etc. to make them more powerful and take more challenges.

Further information:
Google Play

Requires Android 4.2 and above


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