Download PlayTo Universal APK 1.993 2018

Plaito and Neversal
(Fully paid version) The Android app from Daygloz allows you to stream anything from anywhere, in HD, directly to the big TV screen. It supports Chromicast, and even has the ad blocking feature to remove ads when you are streaming media from online sources.

You can download Free Pluto and your full APK on our site and enjoy videos, music, shows, movies, and more on the go. Just install the app and you are good to go! Read on for more features and supported locations:

The app grabs HD videos and on demand TV programs from sites like: YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Blade, Vivo, Mozo, VH1, MTV, Bravo,
ColdCast, Disney, Toms, Toms, History, TBS, Cevie, Nivision, NBC, Technology Unlimited, Revision3, Wired, Nate, NBC, Knin, Reuters, New York Times,
BBC, Fox & APEC, etc.

Installed by Plato paid .apk You can also listen to unlimited music and enjoy photos from PaintRest, Sussialcam, Vidi right on your Smart TV. You can watch Indian, Asian, European TV and movies from Inthosan, Yupf, Litv,
Yoko,, Pandora Tv, Yup Tuf, India Today, Tui, Son, Sky News, Rotop, Guardian, Du, Nark, Sift, Etc.

What’s new in version 1.993

New screen settings and more


Pletto and v1.993 APEC

For most detailed instructions and support for Android devices visit the official Google Play page at:
com.dayglows.vivid.full and HL = EN