Download Stellar Wanderer MOD APK (Unlimited Credits, Chips) 2018

The moon crescent returns with another exciting adventure, but this time it’s taking place in space. Excellent Wanderer (with infinite credits and chips) is an epic sci-fi space opera set in the open universe, where you can get to play as a fighter, dealer, tank, or engineer. Each of these categories will put you on a different journey, but you have the freedom to explore space and go anywhere you want.

Once you have set on your track you can stick to the main story or branch off, again it is up to you and you can either play the first person or a third person when flying your ship.

Stellar Wanderer Features:

– More than 10 hours of play to complete the story line

– More than 100 items tune your ship

– Various side missions such as mining resources, or becoming the most dangerous pirates in the galaxy.

– Use accelerometer or virtual joystick

– View cockpit to get a more immersive feeling or a third person view for better control

– Get unlimited credits and mod chips

– Fight, mine, explore, trade

Further information:
Google Play

The Escape 10053 requires Android 4.2 & amp; amp;


Excellent Wanderer v10053 mod your father

Install APK, extract Op to Skyscraper Android / OP, and play.

This is still the first version and some bugs have not yet been fixed.
v10055 Fixed Crush for Russian Language (so v10053 is still good to
English users).

Use Advanced Dunload Manager downloads game without problems.