Franco Kernel r4 For One Plus 3T New!

Franco Kernel – Another application that renders the user is tempted to do a rooted on their smartphone. Application of franco. Kernel updater launched by Francisco Franco invites users to do a variety of things on their phones with respect to making it better. Users can perform an examination of the workings of mobile processors up to clean out all chips to maximize the performance of their smartphones. Users can obtain the application of franco. The kernel of this updater for Rp. 62,864,-

As a first step it should be noted that the user is not all types of mobile phone can accept your application for franco. The kernel of this updater. Due to application of franco. Kernel updater is a kind of paid applications, users should check first before buying it. Application of franco.

Kernel updater is only useful on a number of mobile phones, namely the Galaxy Nexus, Asus, Asus 7 2012 Google Nexus Google Nexus 7 2013, LG LG Nexus Nexus 4, 5, and the Samsung Nexus 10. Application of franco. Kernel updater, users can perform the settings to all the things that are on their cell phones. Users can set up their mobile phone from the brain’s performance. In the section where the engine has to work faster, at a time when more they can govern the use of this machine.

Application of franco. Kernel updater anyway, cell phone users can do the upgrade (upgrading) an application or data backup (restore). However, in its use of these applications cannot be used for a mobile phone that is not already in the root. They generally use applications of franco. Kernel updater are those who are familiar with the problems utak-atik mobiles. Users who lay with all computer languages or similar applications rarely use the phone. Those who work in the world of buying and selling mobile phone, install the new application will be familiar with this application.

Similar applications with franco. Kernel updater which is used for mobile phones that has been rooted is Titanium Backup ★ Simple root, Reboot, or Simple CPU Monitor Extention. Through the application of franco. Kernel updater, users will get a mobile phone that is very different from most mobile phones with similar type. Users can freely and maximizing the utility of cell phones as they want.

• New Version Release 4

• December 30

Franco Kernel is one of the best kernels available for android users. This Rom is the work of a recognized developer xda franciscofranco . Previously he built this kernel for some high end devices such as nexus smartphone series.

This ROM is compatible with FKupdater App Premium which means you can flash this kernel with the app. If you do not want to buy the app then you can flash with your TWRP recovery as well.

This kernel is only for One Plus 3T and Only Supports Stock Oxygen OS Rom V 3.5. *. Do not blink on custom rom like cyanogen Mod 13 and Resurrection Remix that has been released for One Plus 3T.

Franco is designed for maximum stability. This is made for people who depend on their phone every day. Franco has a useful and tested feature that makes your phone better


You can see changelog here
The legendary battery of life
Flash & forget
Typical interface such as display adjustment, voice control, vibration control, and all the boring stuff
Passes verified boot flag for Android Pay compatibility
Unemployed power consumption reduced to an absolute minimum (if you have wakelocks from third-party apps you explain yourself)
Support for FKUpdater Performance Profile
Limit of background app increased to 60 from stock 32 (we have ram 6Gb, duh!)
Incomplete integration with app FKUpdater
Maybe more, check my github for all the details

1. Make sure you have stock of OxygenOS V3.5. * And you need to install TWRP and rooted.
If you do not install TWRP then follow the steps given in this post to flash TWRP and get root.

2. . Now the França Downlaod kernel from the link below.

Franco Kernel R3

3 . If you use a special kernel other than you have to pollute the OxygenOS flash. If you use Oxygen OS 3.5 stock. * Instead of skipping this step.

4 . Now Flash File File Franco Kernel

5 . Reboot and you’re done Easy. Install Kernel Adiutor from the play store and start tweaking.

Posts will be updated every time there is a new version.