Free Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK 2.3.0 (Unlimited Diamonds, Keys) 2018

Become Who You Want And Play Your Story In Hack Unlimited Money Options: The Stories You Play, simulating the blunt criticism of Piccellberry Games.

Are you romantic? Do you like playing detective? Or are you more in tune with fantasy stories? Options (mod) give you the opportunity to play any role you want, but prepare to face the consequences of any of your choices.

Stories you play unlimited diamonds APK (plus keys) lets you enjoy the game to the fullest without restrictions. Open something complete without having to buy things with real currency. But as always, if you’ve got the money, then play using the original game and support developers!

Modded Options Stories You Play 2.3.0 Features:

– Gems and unlimited keys

– Books; (more coming soon)

The Freshman, Facebook 1. Welcome to Hartfield University! You have to make friends for life, maybe even find true love. The history of James Bookys book, Katelean girl party, football hero Chris … or all three at one time?

Most needed, Book 1. Heat is on when no Texas Texas marshal and Hollywood investigator are thrown together to stop a deranged assassin. Can you capture the killer?

And Crown and Flame, Book 1. Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now it’s time for you to raise the army, master magic, and restore your crown!

For more information, please visit the official Google Play page at:

This latest update version 2.3.0 features Romance Romance Book 3, Dump, Perfect Match Books with chapters and new options each week.

Requires Android 4.0.3 and above

Here is a video preview play:


Options: Stories you play v2.3.0 mod your father
(Free and free)

Note: If the game is suspended on the download screen then you need a license for it.To get a license go to play the store and start downloading this game “stories stories you play” and when download starts cancel it, you will have a license. Now install your dad’s mod and you’re ready to go.

If you find any error with this version, download the previous version below!

———————————————– ——————–


Options: Play Stories V1.9.1 Maud Abek
(Free and free)

: 1) Make sure you sign in to Facebook before continuing to prevent the loss of the game offer! Being connected with Facebook allows the game to be stored and when changing devices or reinstalling the application, it will reload the previous save file.

2) If you have original stories: the options you play the downloaded app from Google Play Store or from anywhere else, uninstall it first.

The APEC file
From above and running it.

– If your computer does not allow you to download your APK files from the Internet, then you need to enable installing applications from unknown sources in your mobile security settings.

– Once you install APEC, run the application and log on to Facebook again when prompted on startup, or through settings. Your gemsav must automatically load back from where you left off before you previously uninstalled the application.

– Play any story, when the choice comes what requires premium gems, click it. Even if you do not have enough and will still work, if you have enough choice to make, you will not lose any gemstones.

IMPORTANT: This patch does not give you free gemstone options, but keep in mind going to the closet of any story manually and trying to buy any clothes will not be free! The only time you can get free clothes is when you are being asked inside the story.

Note: If you are not prompted to log on to Facebook or save your do not download, uninstall and reinstall your APK file again!


Note: If your APC stops working modification, please read on ..

I recommend at present to install the Play Store version, then hack the diamond using the newly released AGB4Android Hack Tool or try the GameGuardian (root needs) that works on buying options, cloth, etc without currency. Keys are another matter, we work hard on them, the only solution is to wait normally like a normal user.

Do not waste your time on other online models, it does not work !!