Free Frecce Tricolori Flight Sim APK 1.0 2018

Rortus Studios, The Sims Behind Realistic Men also released recently
F18 Carrier Landing
, And back with another awesome flight simulator that lets you become a pilot on the Italian acrobatic team Freaks Tricolor.

Freaks Tricolor Flight Sim will put your workout skills to test with a real flight squadron. Play through 3 game modes and find out if you got what it takes to fly. Game Features:

-Aircraft: MB339 Pan, Eurofighter *, Tornado *, F-104 Strater * (Historical Aircraft)

Formation -Innovative flying and steering system assisted

– All the official figures for Tricolor Freis; played in different roles

– All configurations: rombo, pyramidone, signo, calis etc.

– Special maneuvers: Elemman turn, Cuban eight, Split-S etc.

-Arshow: Complete real performance with a custom sequence of maneuvers

-DESIGNS: Create your custom acrobatics character

-Light simulator with Torin worldwide and navigation system *

-LIGHT Plan, Takeoff, Landing, RANDOM FLIGHT *

Weather conditions – Realistic with wind, rain, snow, lightning, and schedule selection

-3D virtual cockpit with integrated hardware, rain / snow effect and other 6 visualization game

-plus more

Google Play Ed:

Requires Android 4.1 and above


Fris Tricolori Flight Sim Apec

Install APK, copy it.rortos.pan & # 39; Folder to scard / robot / ob, launch game

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