Free Her Story APK 1.2.6 2018

Developer Sam Barlow in her story (Game) is a unique crime film hybrid movie game, where you play a murder investigator trying to solve a murder. The players are shown with a set of police interview videos (100s of video clips), each delivered in direct action by the actress Viva Segert, which you must organize and deconstruct to resolve the issue.

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Animated Images. Google Play

Its free download story 1.2.6 is available below, the game requires Android 4.4 and above

Each new update will feature improvements to play (bugfixes) and maybe some new content!

Watch the game at work to see what I’m talking about:


Her story v1.2.6 Your father

Install APK, extract data and copy “com.MrSamBarlow.HerStoryGame” folder to Skard / Android / Op /, then Rong game and play.