Free Infinity Loop: HEX MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlocked) 2018

You’ve already played the original or you’re a brand new player,
Infiniti Episode 2 Hack will spank you! This second installment is provided
Unforgettable experience with unparalleled levels of all new in
Hexagonal board. In addition, we have a completely unlocked version for you
Can enjoy full play without restrictions!

Infiniti Loop: Hicks allows you to create a closed shape
Patterns by connecting all pieces. It is a puzzle game however
Carefully built to provide moments of relaxation and joy.

Hexs game will help you develop focus and attention, plus
Relieve tension. There is no timing so you can play at your own pace.
You can open full version inabs and play limitless at no cost!

Further information:
Google Play

Requires Android 4.1 and above


Infiniti episode: HEX 1.0.3 mod your father
(Inab Unlock)

If you find any error with this version, please grab the previous version of the link below! Any questions, just a comment!

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[1965901] Release:

Infiniti Lube: Hicks 1.0.1 Mod Abek