What Is Magisk Root And How To Use It To Hide Root From Apps ?

Magisk Root is the best alternative of SuperSu by Chainfire. Magisk was developed by XDA topology developers, a gifted dev with some serious coding skills. Root Magisk is much better than SuperSu in various aspects. Various ROM developers now include magisk in the official ROM. You can hide the root of apps that do not normally run on rooted phones.

Hide Root

You can take samples of banking applications. You are rooted in SuperSu and then install the banking application for personal use, but suddenly you see that the banking app closes automatically with a warning message that “This app can not run on rooted devices.”.

Now what will you do? You leave it with only one option and it is Unroot your phone to run the banking application. I’m sure you’ll unplug your phone if you really need this app for urgent needs.

Another example is AndroidPay. AndroidPay never works on special rooted phones if you’re rooted in SuperSu.

What about Pokemon Go? This popular game also refuses to run rooted phones.

How to use banking app, AndroidPay, Pokemon Go without loosing or disconnecting your phone? Magisk is the answer. In this post I will tell you about how magisk works and how to use it?

Magisk V / s SuperSu

Magisk does not touch your system files. That means no change in System Partition is not adding any files in the system partition. SuperSu changed your system partition and added some files in the system partition to gain root access. So essentially Magisk is a rootless solution with no system.

Advantages Of Root Magisk

As I said before, if you are rooted with Magisk, you can run almost any application that can not run on rooted phones.

  • You can run the Banking Apps.
  • You can play Pokemon Go
  • You can use Snapchat.
  • You can install OTA updates.
  • Install Systemless Xposed
  • Bypass Safetynet / Android Pay

How it works

Magisk is based on supersuser phh which is the root solution of the oper operation. Magisk works on devices running Android Lollipop 5.0+. Now see how it works.

There are two things that need to be done Magisk Work. One of them is magisk magisk installer and the other is Magisk App. First of all we need to flash a Magisk Installer Zip via TWRP that modifies the boot image of the device and create a new magisk.img parti in the root directory of your smartphone. It also places the necessary files in / cache and / partion data.

As I said as root without the system, so nothing happens to the partion system. But there is one more thing to note here is that If you are already rooted with SuperSu by Chainfire then the magisk installer will try to delete all files related to SuperSu from the system partion. MAGisk will delete the binary Su and 2-3 other things from the System partition .

Another thing we need here is App Magisk. Just like the SuperUser app used to set root permissions. Magisk has more to offer. This will give you some additional options that you definitely like. See the screenshot given below.

Hide Root

How to Install magisk?

Update: There are two methods for Installing Magisk –

  1. Use TWRP to flash and install Magisk.
  2. Download Magisk Manager from Google Play. The rest of the process is easy but you still need TWRP because the magisk application itself installs the zipper without booting into recovery.

Method 1:

Vert is simple if you know a bit about TWRP and Flashing Roms. Download Links are given below for magisk installer and magisk app.I strongly advise you to also download magisk-unistaller if anything is wrong. Uninstaller will return all changes made by magisk installer.


NameMagisk Installer & Manager
Magisk Installer V12.0 zip Download
The Newest Magisk Manager From here
Magisk Uninstaller From Here

How to Flash & Install Magisk

  • Boot into recovery mode (TWRP)
  • Find Zip Installer Magisk.
  • Touch and Swipe to turn it on.
  • Wait.
  • Reboot.

Now install the magisk app from the Play Store and go to see if it’s rooted. You will see a green check mark on the first page of the app if you are successfully rooted.

Method 2:

  • Download Magisk Manager from Google Play.
  • Open Magisk Manager and swipe from left to open navigation menu and click “Install”.
  • The Magisk application will automatically detect the location of the boot image of your device, you must click “Download and Install” .
  • A popup will appear then click “Install” . The zip file will be downloaded and then installed by application automatically.
  • If install is successful then reboot to enable root magisk.
  • If your device is stuck on the boot screen due to magisk then boot to TWRP and flash “Magisk-Unistaller” is in folder “MagiskManager” in internal storage.
  • Done.

How to Hide the Roots Of Applications

  • Open the Magisk App
  • Swipe From Left and Click Settings
  • Check Mark (Enable) Magisk Hide
  • Press the back button.
  • You will now see Magisk Hide option in the side navigation bar
  • Click on it
  • Select the app from the list you want to hide root
  • You are done

There is something else that can be achieved with magisk like a hosts file without system to block ads, without xposed system, Systemless ViperAudio. I will discuss these in the next section of this paper.