Mi6 Theme For Huawei Emui 5 Based Smartphones

Mi6 is a cool theme of EMUI 5 based on the Miio Xioami UI. The theme is dark style with blue, white icon. Most apps like callers, calendars, recorders, and other themed system apps.

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You can download this theme for your huawei. The EMUI device runs on Nougat Based EMUI 5 and then applies it from the Theme app. Instructions are given at the end of this post so you can understand how to apply this EMUI theme.


NameMi6 Theme
Updated on 19659017 April 30
Size16 MB
Download (V1) [19659018] From here [1945908]
5.0 + / NOUGAT
Created ByAnonymous

How to use?

1. Download the theme file from the link above. Its a . Hwt file which means HuaWeiThemes.

2. Now move the downloaded theme file to the HWThemes folder on Internal Storage . If the folder does not exist then you can create a new HWThemes folder inside the internal storage.

3. After moving the theme file to folder HWThemes open Theme application from your homescreen.

4. You will now see a new theme in your theme list. Click and then apply.

5. Reboot better after applying theme.

If you encounter problems while following this process, you can comment and I will try to give you a possible solution.

You can share this theme with your friends / family.

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